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The Royal Circle Foundation is dedicated to carrying out its mission through the following programs and activities:


The EAP is designed to promote faculty and student exchanges through the arts, sciences, information technology and cultural activities.

The EAP provides educational supplies and equipment to schools in developing nations as well as the United States. In 2001, the EAP initiated activities and exchanges with schools in rural villages in Ghana, West Africa with the donation of needed school supplies to two schools in Abono and Agogo villages and to a Nubian village schools in Aswan, Egypt.  Rural villages in Brazil, (Bahia State) have also been added to the educational outreach efforts. In addition, in Rio and Bahia States of Brazil, programs include not only educational supplies and equipment but also assistance with job training efforts as well as the distribution of clothing and supplies to motheres and children. These are on-going programs with these schools and will expand to other rural educational institutions in the coming years.

Additionally, the EAP seeks volunteers who are teachers in math, science, information technology and other areas to participate in the development of curriculum, educational materials, and in-service educational programs for local teachers and school administrators in the country during the summer months on an annual basis.

Faculty exchanges between school officials in Ghana and the United States for 4-6 week periods is currently under development.


The HOP program has been designed to meet some of the health care needs in developing nations of the world.

This program was initiated in November of 2001 and has partenered in 2002 with the Pan African Foundation for Humanity International and the Black Psychiatrists of America to provide medical supplies and equipment to several hospitals in rural Ghana, West Africa.

The HOP also seeks to link suppliers, health professionals and health organizations to various African nations and to partner with these groups to fill the gaps in service that currently exist regarding health care delivery and service provisions.

The HOP is participating in the development of a medical library and outpatient mental health clinic at the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital as well as the new medical school here in rural Ghana.

HOP sponsors health related site inspections to various nations in Africa and South America to assist hospital administrators and staff in educational and research services. Currently, HOP is undertaking a distance learning projects to be implemented over the next five - ten years to hospitals in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Brazil.


The CELS is an educational program designed to foster cultural awareness and thereby improve human relations in local communities throughout America.

This program initiated in 2002 in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the USA has been expanded throughout the entire country with a series of lectures focusing on improving the understanding among peoples of diverse ethinic, cultural, and religious backgrounds highlighting both their similarities and differences.

Speakers and topics are coordinated with local community organizations and groups in the various geographical locations of North America based on their defined needs and requirements.

Scheduling for the United States and abroad, as well as information on our renowned speakers and topics, can be obtained by contacting our administrative offices at: or and by phone at:
(410) 637-5474.


The HAP is an educational program designed to promote healty lifestyle choices for families and youth concentrating primarily on African-American and Hispanic-American populations. Utilizing several formats - dramatic and musical arts, hands-on demonstrations, radio and print media as well as didactic lectures and community forums, HAP offers to schools, churches, social clubs and organizations an opportunity to learn invaluable information about making choices that impact postively on the health of "at risk" youth and their families.

Targarted areas include:
Alcohol & Drug Prevention Awareness in Youth
Family Dental Awareness
Family Violence Prevention
Family Mental Health Awareness
Tobacco Cessation Program in Adults & Youth
Helping The Helpers (Provider Trauma Education)


The OPP seeks to assist communities in the preservation of historical sites globally through technical and financial assistance.

Identification and preservation of landmarks with relevance to African-American history in the United States and for international landmarks with global historical significance are the primary focus of the OPP.

Current international projects have been identified in Ethiopia for assistance:
1. Castles of Gondar
2. Palace of Queen of Sheba in Axum
3. Port landing development on Lake Tana on the Blue Nile for easy access to the historical churches of antiquity)

Funding is currently being sought to support the restoration and improvement of these areas. Donations and annual pledges are much appreciated and will assist us in preserving historical relics of signifigance for future generations. Donations should be made payable to:
Royal Circle Foundation
Operation Preservation(OPP)


This program seeks to work with existing non-profit organizations in various African, Latin and South American countries to facilitate the health education of women and children. By linking with existing non-governmental organizations, the Foundation is able to be in a unique position to be in contact with the areas of greatest need. 

By providing much needed health information for distribution, health fairs, and educational seminars, the Foundation seeks to facilitate the overall improvement of the quality of life of women in developing countries through the improvement of their health and that of their children.


This program targets inner city "at risk" youth from 12-16 years of age by focusing on primary prevention strategies for this target population. The program currently concentrates its efforts in the eastern part of the United States in the Mid-Atlantic Region. It offers mentoring experiences as well as cultural sensitivity and fosters postive actions and contributions of these youth to their local coummunities. In the spring of 2008 the YVP expanded to include the "Young Ambassador's Program" focusing on cross cultural exchanges with the program's youth and their counterparts in Africa to promote positive self-esteem and confidence as well as promote interchange with the young people of the United States and those of Africa.

Details about the program and the selection critiera can be found on the link on the "Press" page of this site.

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